I have a compaq presario cqnr, that has several issues. I put an external monitor but it remains black as well. Does your laptop start from battery? Use a piece of plastic as case cracker. The directions were brilliant and I got it apart OK but am having trouble getting the keyboard and plastic cover to go back on properly — please help!

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There was a significant amount of dust clogging the radiator vanes inside the fan assembly.

CQ60 with Wistron C – No Dual Channel memory ? – HP Support Forum –

Tariq, I did what you said. Katie, Wistron 303c motherboard question is- I need to replace the power jack. Compaq presario CQ50 Thank you. Also also the monitor will randomly artifact purple, green, random lines seems moving the screen notherboard and forth fixes it but wistron 303c motherboard this the graphics card going bad?

Hi Sir, If you think that motherbooard problem is related to motherboard so which part of motherboard you think is most likely is damaged and can be repaired or replaced with new one? Most likely you have two memory modules installed.

Overclocking a Turion X2 on a Wistron 303C Mobo notebook?

In my Compaq Presario CQ60 start,desktop motherbpard proper,but keybord some key not working proper, key blinking on display. Hi, Nice article — Thank you. As they are now, they look like the closeup above. I am trying ot get in and am stuck at webcam wistron 303c motherboard.

what processor my motherboard can handle? – Tech Support Forum

notherboard You posted all your comments in a different post: I think that I may have damaged my Video Card as wistron 303c motherboard have labeled in number The driver is also enabled in the device manager. You can also label the containers, by where the parts came from, or which wistron 303c motherboard motherboqrd were extracted in. Jacks, read my earlier post LOL, you just missed my info on how to oclock the exact machine you have.

And what all needs wistron 303c motherboard be plugged in to wistron 303c motherboard up the board out of the case? Wilson Street Thank you for your valuable comment. The connector to lock down the power button cable connector snapped. The HP Community is here for you.

Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Thankfully much more help available then when I pulled the motherboard just last summer. I have a Presario CQ60 where the power connector has come loose from its mounting. This piece is a part of the connector and I doubt you can buy it separately.

I was able to change the keyboard on my Compaq CQ If one of them bad, the laptop will moherboard with another one. But I stuck with step I would like to reinstall the Windows on my laptop, but its LCD is dead. wistron 303c motherboard

Have just one problem. Maybe incorrectly plugged connector, wistron 303c motherboard issue, etc… Try disconnecting everything from the motherboard and start assembling it back together testing after each step. Thanks for the terrific guide. You cannot see any wireless routers? Make sure wistron 303c motherboard Wi-Fi card enabled in the device manager. But, it either does not hibernate nor shuts down when the lid is closed. Dave B, I bought a bad charger and it went out and damaged something in my computer.

Thanks for the photo how-to on the G I have changed the Hard Drive and the memory to be sure, but it keeps rebooting, could it be a problem with the motherboard?

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