In addition, in VR Video Recording mode, users can design a playlist of video clips, rearrange the order of the scenes, and insert images for a more customized assembly. Its Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens features impressive 40x optical zoom and x digital zoom to keep you close to the action. You may also like. Due to my line of work, I’ve been buying a lot of cameras, and for the most part this camera is the best of the bunch, due in no small part to the Sony branded “nightshot”. Your best option is to buy a three pack of rewrite-able discs. Written and Tested by David Kender March 30, A compact camera, with a broad, advanced range of features, the camcorder will add a new dimension to the efficiency of your digital video recording.

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For an entry-level camcorder, the color balance is good. Since then, this product may have been discontinued or replaced.

Sony DCR-DVD Camcorder Review – Camcorders

But the operation, quality, and ease of use sony dcr-dvd108 be beat. Video storage is on a mini DVD. Battery life is weak. The camera is simple to use, and as an added benefit, gives you warning or dummy messages on screen should something be wrong “lens cover is closed”.

Being a Sony product, Sony likes to, well, osny things Sony. The Panasonic VDR-D sony dcr-dvd108 again turned in the best performance, noisy as hell but managing to salvage some color dcrdvd108 retaining adequate amounts of fine detail.

The camcorder stores the images in the JPEG format, providing sony dcr-dvd108 transfer to PCs for emailing, printing, or sharing with family and friends. No, I don’t need to know. Medium grain noise picked up tremendously.

But, before I go into all the pros of this device, let me start by listing the cons and what I did to “fix” them CONS 1. Sony dcr-dvd108 all 16 best offer listings.

Sony DCR-DVD108 Camcorder Review

Bad imagers, like this one, create strange yellow and blue overtones that sony dcr-dvd108 like a surreal Cub Scout kerchief. Sign up for our newsletter Sign Up Thanks for signing up! And while most of zony color spectrum darkened in commensurate measures, the blue areas exploded sony dcr-dvd108 oversaturation and blue noise. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

The sharpness is a little better that what sony dcr-dvd108 see in a lot of camcorders in this price range. The DC had oversaturated greens, but no strong blue noise. dct-dvd108

Pricing and availability may differ from what is stated in the review. A compact camera, with a broad, advanced range of features, the camcorder will add a new dimension to the efficiency of your dct-dvd108 video recording.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. The page you requested will display in seconds. Sony dcr-dvd108 is perhaps the best of the sony camcorders.

Can’t go wrong with this! Better imagers tend to simply blur the lines as sony dcr-dvd108 get too tight.

See details for description of any imperfections. You may also like. The screen is also a touch screen, which is sony dcr-dvd108 wonderful feature, allowing you to adjust things in the dark.

Under an even 60 lux lighting, the CCD shows its limitations quite clearly.

SwivelScreen Touch Panel LCD Screen With the touch panel monitor, you no longer need worry sony dcr-dvd108 using a joystick or mess of dcd-dvd108 to access in-camera features and effects.

The DVD is a prime example of why Sony holds the cards.

Our picks and opinions are independent from dcr-dvr108 business incentives. It lacked color differentiation in the yellow-green portion of the spectrum, but the color performance overall was good. You will sony dcr-dvd108 be able to record lengthy video without having to change the disc every 30 minutes, followed by a minute or two of disc recognition and formatting. Sony dcr-dvd108 were loads of fine-grain noise, but it was a blackish noise strongly preferable to discoloration.

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