I had problems under Leopard Some enclosures feature port multipliers, which enable up to five hard drives to communicate with the host adapter through one cable. I immediately reinstalled it. The machine did boot via the card with no issues. And even one failure is too many

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Problem with Silicon Image Driver on Snow Leopard! : Apple OS X

Although this is not, strictly speaking, a Hackintosh specific question, I sil3132 mac os x searched everywhere for a solution to this problem oz come up empty.

As with the rest of you, Snow Leopard considered my driver to be incompatible. The boot time was really fast and the only drawback was the SSD drive did get a little warm. I installed the Sonnet Tempo 1. I’m now hesitant to keep using sil3132 mac os x cause I’m afraid It will fudge up my external drive and make me lose all my data. The drives are configured in a striped RAID set. Sign In Sign Up.

But I’ve also had others report problems in the past and recently with Sil cards PCIe and Expresscardand last week’s news had posts regarding needed 64bit driver updates for Snow Leopard. Posted on Sep 2, 9: Haven’t tried booting from the eSATA port yet.

I’ll save that rant for another thread. I do have the latest firmware and have had oa problems with the drive in the past. I should point out that Apple’s website claims the incompatible version of sil3132 mac os x drivers is “1.

That card is Sil based from past posts here. So many variables possible in hardware and software configs out there and the card alone may not sil3132 mac os x the culprit.

I have done the same kinds of conversions in the past with no problems. I’d tend to doubt it affects that, but welcome confirmation.

For me, it worked out of the box, without needing any drivers with It does not matter if the card has been powered off or not. Friday’s sil3132 mac os x had tip on trying Sonnet’s drivers. Oct 31, 5: Memtest also reports no problems. It’s a cheap speed upgrade and well worth the time and cost.

Problem with Silicon Image 3132 Driver on Snow Leopard!

Only happened after Yes, in the firmware tab of the card you can see the version of the firmware. First off let me explain my environment. sjl3132

See Tech Specs Tab for footnotes. I do wonder how the RAID driver set on that page fares – the card is after all supposed to support at least mirroring, so that could be something too.

Installed using Combo update, permissions repair, etc. The application will try and start, but will freeze and then I cannot even force quit it. At last I’ll have a Fusion DP 2.

Sil3132 mac os x haven’t seen overheating, but I do remember seeing that post here previously from a user of a different card. So, I’m pretty happy with it.

I get a lot of mails xx just OS X software update problems, most I can’t replicate personally, even on similar hardware.

sil3132 esata pci card

Of course you could create a clone bootable via the onboard interfaces also Firewire for instance. My problem is that the drive array to sil3132 mac os x the card is attached will not appear on the desktop; I’ve tried numerous cables, and indeed used the same sil3123 to successfully attach the array to an older Mac Pro tower i.

The Disk Utility “restore” did work then.

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