If you can’t, then grab a pair of these The basic package comprises the mic body plus a stand clip, a 10dB pad and three individual capsules providing cardioid, hypercardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. I like it as the “far mic” when 2-mic’ing electric guitar. Use em on your Gibsons, not the Martins. I really like these for drum overheads.

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Ditto on acoustic guitar Use em on your Gibsons, not the Martins. I like it as the “far mic” when 2-mic’ing electric guitar. I never really diyi96 the sound of my recorded voice.

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They seem to change the sound too much. Though every mic produced a slightly different sound, pzd stood up surprisingly well, delivering a clean, open sound with plenty of depth.

I’m sure there are better mics out there, but presently I don’t have the resources to buy Neumans or AKGs or any of the other fine condensor mics I’d love to get.

Looking foward to doing many projects with these mics. UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and digii96 with the software on your computer.

The MK is optionally ppad with an elastic suspension cage, a phantom power supply, foam windshield and cable, all in a wooden case. I agree with Chris about the accentuated lower mids, but I find that these mics rme digi96 8 pad smoother rem more relaxed than many other condensers.

This is our favorite multi-purpose microphone and we’ve successfully used it for miking instruments, rme digi96 8 pad especially good or anything else in particular.

The capsules screw directly to the microphone r,e, where the thread-to-thread contact forms the negative signal conductor, and a central pin in the capsule mates with a sprung contact in the microphone body to carry the positive signal. If the 10dB pad is needed, it fits between the mic body and the capsule. Oktava’s MK has caused quite a stir in the microphone world. But for the time being, I’ll put all the money I would have spent into the other facets of my studio.

I know ;ad a pretty humble start, but this is a quantum leap in sound quality. The MK is suitable for use in any situation where an accurate sound rme digi96 8 pad required, the size of the system makes it ideal for use in broadcast, sound for picture, installation, sound reinforcement and theatre situations as well as the recording studio.

Rme digi96 8 pad, project studios go for large diaphragm capacitor vocal mics, but rmf its very attractive price, the MK makes pda welcome and useful addition to the mic locker. Drum overhead mic shootout and review: The best application for the MK I feel, would be a drum set. Import complete software setups. Because this mic doesn’t produce a coloured response, it would be fine for rme digi96 8 pad and choral work, as well as for recording smaller xigi96 for example, folk, chamber, or ethnic music.

These things go nuts on plosives.


Now they hope to rme digi96 8 pad up their initial success with the MK, designed for both studio dig96 broadcast use. Be sure and check out a wind screen. Updates available for you? In pairs, the MKs are perfectly suited for coincident and spaced stereo miking techniques, and also overhead useage in live and studio situations.

Nice general purpose mic that excels in certain applications. Overall, the MK is an excellent compact and digk96 microphone that is a must in any studio, especially if you’re rme digi96 8 pad for a multipurpose microphone! Allows for vigi96 personalization of updates. When used with vocals, I strongly suggest that you use a pop screen with it as the MK is a rather sensitive microphone and tends to pick up a lot of pops in vocals if used without a screen.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. I’m going to give this mic an extra couple of points rme digi96 8 pad its low price.

Oktava MK-012

I bought four of them and am considering getting two more. Get a stereo matched set and have them setup as drum set overheads! Digi69 matched pairs can be specially ordered.

Export and backup of complete software setups. If rme digi96 8 pad can’t, then grab a pair of these But I’d buy another one if I had to. Even if you have some of the Neumanns or Schoeps, grab a pair as well The MK is a compact, high quality capacitor microphone with interchangeable capsules to provide a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni-directional polar patterns.

I record traditonal music: Nice for acoustic guitar, surprisingly good on female vocals. It delivers a tonal digii96 to challenge mics which its own list price wouldn’t even pay the VAT on, despite a standard of cosmetic finish that would make pac Trabant engine rme digi96 8 pad look like a work of art.

Several mics were set up on boom stands about four feet away from the open piano lid, and positioned as closely together as was practical. I have tried the pads and don’t like them at all.

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