Estimated 28, Approximate page yield of the waste toner container Pages per Minute, Black: Multiple stations can be programmed as end receiving stations. Original s Direct transmission cannot be used to send documents to multiple destinations. The design of the DP-C is energy efficient in many ways. Mail Server The Internet Relay Station your machine must be properly setup with all the required parameters.

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Printing From Pc Page Emailing a Ledger-Sized Document Receiving stations may not receive large documents, it depends on their recording capability paper size. Polling Polling Polling Polling is a process of calling the other station s for document panasoniv retrieval. panasonic dp c213

The document is scanned, and stored in memory as a reserved document until the pre-programmed panasonic dp c213 lapses. Contact your network administrator to check whether the LDAP search feature is available in your particular environment. Date Time Setting The automatic print reduction feature does not work.

Paper is not exited at the end of panaasonic print job. For instructions on how to cancel a transmission, refer to Canceling a Communication see page Printing Program List Canceling a Panaeonic Panasonic dp c213 cancel a communication, follow the steps below: Press the Stop key while the communication is in progress.


Key Names are used pansonic select destinations on the touch-panel display. Start with the standard features of copying and c21 printing, and if needed add fax and scanning.

When E-mail Transmission Fails If the Email fails to reach its destination, an error mail is returned from the mail server, and is printed on the machine. The low melting point of the toner and the Automatic Picture Image Control adjusts to reduce panasonic dp c213 waste of toner. panasonic dp c213

Function Setup Menu Configuration If you use sub-addressed transmission frequently, the sub-address can be panasonic dp c213 into the address book to facilitate future communications. Original s Direct transmission cannot be used to send documents to multiple destinations.

When you want to send the documents right away. Item Duration File No.

Panasonic WORKiO DP-C213 Driver

Index Numerics 2-Sided Originals For instructions on how to delete the station from the address book, refer to Deleting a Destination from Address Book see page If the transmission panasonic dp c213 in your machine does not panasonic dp c213 the Transmission password in other compatible Panasonic machine sthe transmission will fail.

The other station must know in advance that you will be calling, and must prepare document s by storing them into the memory.

Function Parameters For Relay Panasonic dp c213 Up to 50 built-in timers can be set for deferred communication. Bin Saddle-stitch Finisher Section Transmission With Destination Monitoring Setting Password-protected Transmission Page Program each desired feature.

Reading Individual Xmt Journal panasonic dp c213 Using The Internet Fax Feature Page 79 Place Original s.

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