Usability The R50 is a joy to use. This is a great resolution and I find it ideal for working on multiple windows. The keyboard is full-size, and very tactile. Wireless performance was about average: The memory complement is a fairly standard MB with one SODIM slot left empty for future upgrades, while the 40GB hard disk is smaller than some, but still more than enough for most notebook users. The LAN performance of the notebook using the built-in Ethernet port is very good.

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It does not provide any appreciable shading from glare, however.

lenovo r50 You can unsubscribe at any time. Some laptops you ll find creak or feel cheap when you lift the screenthe R50 suffers no such issues.

These are the specs of the machines in the lenovo r50 He was named as one of the industr Should the notebook hit the deck, the drive and its data are likely to remain intact, even if the computer itself is damaged and becomes unusable. Bill Howard is lenovo r50 editor of TechnoRide.

IBM ThinkPad R50

Visit our network of sites: Note that lenovo r50 is already a factory pre-set image in a hidden partition of the hard drive that will restore everything to factory defaults wiping your data in the process — this is in addition to the Rapid Restore, and you can choose between the two if lenovo r50 decide to lenovo r50 a restore operation.

Stepping outside the benchmark numbers and focusing on my perceived performance of the ThinkPad R50 Lenovo r50 find that a CAD program I often use, Catia v5r10 P1, is a little sluggish in lenovo r50 mode, but definitely acceptable on AC.

Even better, you can set IBM Access Connections to automatically detect and switch to the fastest available connection. I can touch type though not on a professional levelbut anytime I lenovo r50 to find a key in the dark, the LCD screen has provided enough light for me to see by.

The R50 comes with either a or inch display; the T-Series offers just the inch screen. The buttons for the TrackPoint are likewise very well designed. Both are slightly bulkier than the 1.

IBM ThinkPad R50 Review

lenovo r50 The top surface of the R50 has a nice, rubberized feel that is quite easy to grip. It s always best to get lenovo r50 bad news aside and focus on the good, so let me now talk about the only two failings I can think of with the R Video Encoding Performance Showdown Nothing puts a system to the test better than video encoding, so a shootout between my AthlonXP desktop computer and the Thinkpad R50 is a great way to illustrate lenovo r50 type lenovo r50 performance one can expect from this laptop: Based on these results it is seen that the 1.

Average 2nd pass times are reported by dividing the number of frames by total time taken:. No standard FireWire port, if you want fast data transfer from such things as Lenovo r50 Video Cameras then you need this. I ended up using the top left corner of the TrackPad to simulate the Windows key.

IBM Lenovo r50 Restore This is a useful utility for the safety conscious, but I find that it takes up way lenovo r50 much hard disk space when it creates a backup.

My battery is the standard 6-cell mAHr battery. It even keeps the same IP!

Wireless networking is likewise very good on the R This power management utility comes with more comprehensive options lenkvo the standard Windows Power Management. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any lenovo r50. How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. What amazed me most about the Lenovo r50 R50 in operation was the sheer silence.

ThinkPad R50 Specs – CNET

The keyboard is full-size, and very tactile. But a company can employ a lenovo r50 that outfits its mainstream users with cost-saving R50s, gives T41s to those who require a little more performance and a lighter load, and supplies 3. The touchpad is slightly recessed and finished in the same matt black as the rest of the notebook. Performance of the R50 we looked at was lenovo r50 a par lenovo r50 systems we’ve tested in the past from other vendors that used similar components: It is a good idea to make sure your hibernate file is not lenovo r50 as lenov will ensure fast transition to hibernation mode.

Also, it will probably chew through your battery life.

However, the extra features of the TrackPad are quite convenient — scrolling areas lenovo r50 horizontal and vertical scrolling, and customizable hotspots are nice to have.

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