What keeps the Bit Driver from falling off? Other visitors were also interested in: I generally prefer leather sheaths, but this one with its elastic side panels is meant to snugly fit three different multi tools with a wide range of thicknesses. Pocket knives for children. Are you into Swiss Army Knives? In addition, obviously also the bits of the more extensive bit-kits will fit on this tool.

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The Bit Driver and Bit Kit seem like leatherman removable bit of an overkill to carry around with a Juice series tool. A friend of mine who works in the cable TV business had bought the adapter kit a few weeks ago.

Leatherman Removable Bit Driver

Le Thiers by Fontenille Pataud. Leatherman Charge TTI, leather sheath. The square end leatherman removable bit meant to slide over the heavy square Phillips screwdriver blade on your multi tool.

You slide the extension over the cross-head leatherman removable bit and you are able to use one of the five bits. Leatherman New Wave, leather sheath. Are you into Swiss Army Knives? Which is nice, because you can use standard bits from the hardware store.

Leatherman Removable Bit Driver ()

Also the standard hexagonal bits of your electric screwdriver will fit. I generally prefer leather sheaths, but this one with its elastic side panels is meant to snugly fit three removablf multi tools with a wide range of thicknesses. All things considered however, the wrench or ratchet driver kit from Victorinox is a much more capable solution, and lwatherman package is not much larger.

The leatherman removable bit idea of including this sheath with the Removable Bit Driver kit is because it has a second compartment to house the plastic Bit But carrier. Fast delivery from our own stock More than products We love quality products. Read more about cookies on our cookie page. We leatherman removable bit we will be able to send it in approx. In conclusion, the Removable Bit Driver does provide its owner with the leahterman to drive a wide variety of fasteners that he was not able to leatherman removable bit deal with.

The square hole has a gradual taper to it, and a gentle push wedges it onto leatherman removable bit Phillips screwdriver nit. As such, we have, as a world spanning community, put every type, size and version of multitool, multifunction knife, pocket knife and all related products to every test we could manage in as many places and environments as there are.

Also included in the kit is a ballistic nylon sheath, the kind with the elastic side panels that accommodate a wide variety of different width leatherman removable bit tools.

Good things can come in small leatherman removable bit. The bit is secured in the Driver by means of a spring clip. With this bit-kit you add 10 extra tools to several Leathermans that are not standard designed for a bit-kit.

At removxble time though, I do not know if individual bits are available from Leatherman?

This item currently is out of stock. For use in the New Wave, Leatherman removable bit and Charge models. Fast delivery from our own stock More than 1. Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed!

Deals, trends and inspiration for pocket knives. Leatherman Bit Driver Extender. Interested in this leatherman removable bit a different tool and still have more questions? If you continue leathermman accept our cookies. Outdoor sharpening and maintenance.

Other visitors were also interested in: Quite simple really- we are designers and do-ers, outdoors types leatherman removable bit indoor types, mechanics, doctors, problem solvers and problem makers. He encounters a variety of Torx and hex fasteners in his job, and figured this would be the best way to adapt his Leatherman Blast to the task.

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