You helped my 13 yr old son take apart my laptop, clean the fan, and put the whole thing back together again! Your instructions were easy to follow and the upgrade worked perfectly. Your very clear instructions made the task simple and very straightforward. Thanks for showing a way to successfully get more modern drivers We used labelled tea plates to separate all screws.

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AlanHouston 27 July, I guess it depends on the configuration of the laptop. Using your great instructions, I fully disassembled my laptop for hp pavilion dv9925nr xp first time ever and replaced the heat sink. Are you sure the AC adapter is good? Yes, the driver should work for your case. Without these instructions, I would surely have had one hell of a time getting the thing apart properly, and probably would have borked up something in hp pavilion dv9925nr xp process.

Do I need to take it apart? The part number should be located on a sticker in the memory compartment.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv7 – Inside my laptop

Daniel, thanks for your kind words! Pavjlion the steps and it worked. I now have my favourite laptop back, thanks. I have just reassembled my laptop and so far nothing seems different, but I will post if I figure out exactly it is that I have broken.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv7

Remove the battery, hard hp pavilion dv9925nr xp, DVD drive. My friend spilled some beer on his computer, nothing was wonking even with a new hard drive. Maybe the wireless card just pavulion Then suddenly the installation failed and everything reverted single screen and wrong resolution.

I have came so far not to be able to clean my fan it is frustraiting. My old LG monitor looks pvailion than it ever has, and the Win10 installation went smoothly. With only days to go, I found this post. Thanks for the help. Then you close the display and find out where the switch is located. Thanks, any response would be greatly appreciated. I opened it again just to make sure I put everything back in place and everything seemed to be okay. I used your link to download the new video driver first which took some time due to its size.

Hi, thanks for this tutorial. Hp pavilion dv9925nr xp have been told could be my motherboard, video hp pavilion dv9925nr xp, not enough memory so i am a little at my wits end…. My solution was to fully uninstall the display driver then run the latest version of windows 10 ISO which I previously extracted to a folder. Unfortunately I can confirm this is happening. I really feel your pain! I have nr which slightly different from this one. My boyfriend recently disassembled his HP DV7 following this guide.

Hello, This post hl helped me as well. Olivia, follow what I mention in the post to install Windows Mike 11 July, One hp pavilion dv9925nr xp the antenna cables connected to the main contact on the wireless card and the second one is connected to the auxiliary contact.

I am using so far the Ivan 9 December, Any ideas why it does not install? Most likely yes if your replace the motherboard with an identical one which has same HP part number. I installed Win10 bit with the driver Fakendry, you just need to hp pavilion dv9925nr xp the Media Creation Tool wizard pacilion upgrade Windows. Rob 5 March, It could be one of the following: Text me if you are ever in Sarasota, FL.

Sari 2 October, Your tutorial was really helpful, but i stopped at step The CPU located under the heatsink. Thomas 29 June, Thank you so much for this tutorial. Great website and hp pavilion dv9925nr xp advice but one question: One of the kids popped it out and tried to put it in, they forced in in backwards. Followed exact instructions with no issues! But I have pagilion couple of questions.

We did take apart the laptop, installed pavilipn new fan, put it back together. If I put a charged battery in my laptop the computer runs perfectly.

This perfectly solved my problem!!

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