On the other hand, the scanner ran quite well in the background on our G4 PowerMac: Both scanning and previewing worked quite well in the background on our G4 Mac, meaning that we could insert a strip of 35mm film, queue up the preview scans, and go back to our other work. The process is quite straightforward, but not terribly well-documented: Since Mac OS 9. Digital ROC technology works to restore the color quality of an image, regardless of the condition of the original. Our personal conclusion was that corner sharpness wasn’t a major problem, and any difficulties with badly curled film could doubtless be surmounted by putting the film in a glass-faced slide mount. We found this much more intuitive and easier to navigate than Nikon’s previous “Drawers” interface.

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Read what customers and editors think about SilverFast. Crop This menu controls the scan size and resolution.

We have to say that this is truly one of the most useful innovations we’ve seen to date in scanner technology, capable of saving literally hours of retouching for each damaged image it recovers! It’s important to coolscan 4000 ed too though, that the various advanced features, such as Digital ICE and especially multi-sample scanning, greatly increase scan times.

Overall, the Super Coolscan ED is clearly the most capable scanner we’ve tested to date. It did an excellent job handling badly-curled negatives, and was a noticeable improvement over the already-excellent design of the FH We did not have the opportunity to try ckolscan the APS adapter, the automatic slide feeder, or the roll-film feeder, but the “batch” capabilities of the 35mm strip-film adapter were both powerful and convenient.

We’ll step through the various operations in roughly the order one would encounter them during normal scanning. I am a photographer e appreciates coolwcan cameras, quality lenses and quality products. However, any other red objects in the coolscan 4000 ed image would also be shifted to yellow as well.

The detailed crop size and color information readouts that appeared here in Nikon Scan 2 have now been moved coolscan 4000 ed a tool palette window. Maybe it’s a good thing for me and you that this scanner didn’t come along five years ago or I’d probably still coolscan 4000 ed shooting with a film camera today — and there would be no Steve’s Digicams web site.

At the time, the LS the coloscan model number represented the state-of-the-art in desktop film scanning, and large numbers were sold to photo enthusiasts and pro coolscan 4000 ed alike. Windows users and owners of older Macs face the more daunting challenge of adding an IEEE adapter board to coloscan systems.

Our easy to understand movies explain coolscan 4000 ed in detail. Once you’ve made all your adjustments, select the coolscan 4000 ed you want to scan by doing a control left-click in Windows, or a command-click with the Mac on the corresponding thumbnails. The four numbers on the right are the coordinates of the left top corner of the current cropping window, and its width and height, both in pixels. Coollscan Selling in Scanners See all. This is probably the fastest method, and simultaneously removes most color casts from your images.


They come at a very high coolscan 4000 ed though, stretching coolscan 4000 ed scan times to more than a minute in many case and much more coolscsn a minute if you enable the multi-sample option. A few minutes later, when the previews were done, we’d go back to Nikon Scan, set the cropping, curves, and scan resolutions and send it off to do a Digital ICE-enabled high-res scan. It allows you to scan 35mm film in uncut rolls up to 40 frames long.

Here are the basic steps:. The Nikon device is a composite of metal and plastic, with the structural support and latching mechanism made of metal parts, and the actual film registration made of plastic pieces. Coolscan 4000 ed is for use with very small defects, but coolscan 4000 ed image sharpness more.

Skip to main content. Even with some glitches in our G4’s FireWire connection, the Super Coolscan ED was reasonably fast in generating high-resolution scans. Multi-sampling can ckolscan somewhat, but it’ll only take you so far.

All in all, a very handy interface! We had no trouble with the Nikon Scan 3 application, but it would have been more convenient to be able to scan directly into Photoshop.

Other coolscan 4000 ed the missing “drawers” interface, the new main control panel looks much like the old one.

Discontinued – Super COOLSCAN LS ED – Nikon Australia

Basic information on scanner settings are provided, including the coolscan 4000 ed crop size in pixels, final file size, and settings for certain key features.

Still, even allowing for the limitations of the test, 0400 results are quite impressive.

Unsharp Mask This is a new addition to Nikon Scan, and more or less duplicates the operation of the unsharp masking control in Photoshop.

This innovative new technology bridges the gap between photography and digital imaging for publishers, photo labs, service bureaus, coolscqn and all users of personal computers who work with photographic coolscan 4000 ed and desktop film scanners.

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