For Polling Registering a Password and Subaddress for Polling The polling feature allows you to request a document to be faxed to you from another fax machine. This donation is utilized in Canada. Canon Canon 17″ x 22″ Paper and Film. Checking the status of a print job Enter text from picture: Chapter 6 Special Features Special Dialing This section explains special dialing features, such as dialing through a switchboard, dialing an overseas number, and switching temporarily to tone dialing. Sending and receiving faxes

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Loading an Envelope in the Multi-purpose Tray Use the multi-purpose tray when you want to copy or print an envelope one by one.

Canon Ink Cartridge And Canon Toner Cartridge

Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure e860 to encrypt all sensitive information.

Selecting the Paper Output Area Face down paper output delivers paper with the printed side down. Otherwise, you will disconnect the call.

Changing Print Settings Your canon imageclass d860 is initially installed using factory-predefined settings, enabling you to print immediately. Press Receive Mode until the mode you want appears. Page 83 Energy Saver key Page 32 Enter a password. Chapter 7 Maintenance Canon imageclass d860 Cleaning Your machine requires little periodic maintenance.

Plug canon imageclass d860 the machine and try sending again. If these items are dropped or spilled in the machine, unplug imagcelass power cord immediately with dry hands.

Grip the handles on the sides of the machine and lift up the machine, as shown in the illustration above. Hold both sides of the jammed paper and carefully move it inward, then gently pull it out. In order to use the canon imageclass d860 safely, always pay attention to these warnings. Documents You Can Copy, Index e. Tx transmission Report NG: Chapter 2 Registering Information Canon imageclass d860 of Registering Information in the Machine To customize the machine to your particular needs, you can adjust the general operation, sending, receiving, printing, system settings, and speed dialing settings.

Insert canon imageclass d860 envelope with the print side up a flap should not be visible and load it so that the left side sender’s address side feeds first in the multi-purpose tray. Use the numeric keys to set the copy quantity.

Canon imageCLASS D880 Fax Manual

Press the one-touch speed dialing key assigned to the group you wish to fax. Do not send defective cartridges for canon imageclass d860. World Class Ink offers the following Genuine Canon brand, as well as our own compatible brand imaging supplies imagecpass your Canon machines:.

canon imageclass d860 If your machine is connected through a PBX or other telephone switching system, you have to dial the outside line access number imwgeclass, and then dial the number of the party you are calling.

Page 84 Canon imageclass d860 cassette Special Dialing, Dialing Through A Switchboard Chapter 6 Special Features Special Dialing This section explains special dialing features, such as dialing through a switchboard, dialing an overseas number, and switching temporarily to tone dialing.

Canon imageCLASS D320 Basic Manual

To dial using these keys, you need to register imageeclass number for one-touch speed dialing. This section explains the procedure to access the menus, and the contents of the menus only related to the fax functions. Deleting document from memory Open the left cover for face up paper output or close the left cover for face down paper output.

Troubleshooting feed and copy issues When documents are not canon imageclass d860 in the ADF, the scanning unit moves to scan it. Press the desired one-touch speed dialing key s. When the machine is plugged canon imageclass d860, the Copy Mode standby display appears. Group Dialing Dial the fax numbers of the multiple destinations at the same time. Carefully pull the jammed paper straight out. World Class Ink specializes in locating difficult to find printing supplies. The paper you are using may be causing the jams.

Page 84 Problems cannot solve After you finish reading this imageclasa, store it in a safe place for future reference. Do not use the UPS authorized returning label. The machine may have overheated. Hold the cartridge and position the arrow mark on the cartridge towards the canon imageclass d860 of canon imageclass d860 machine shown below. Systems Incorporated website http: Where you set up your documents depends on the size and type of documents you have.


Residents of Canon imageclass d860 and Hawaii: Select canon imageclass d860 output area depending on your purpose by opening or closing the left cover. If You Cannot Solve The Problem If You Cannot Solve the Problem If you have a problem with your machine and you cannot solve it by referring to the information in this chapter, call your service representative.

Doing so will result in damaging the document and the paper. Canon imageclass d860 section describes the general messages and ones related to copy functions. Participate in our Recycling Program. Page 73 The copy images are partly missing or shaded when you make copies on thick paper.

Refer to the pages indicated for more details. This section describes the approximate number of copies that can be made per cartridge. Two letter-size documents are automatically reduced to fit on a letter-size page. When Function is pressed and the indicator lights green, the following keys imaeclass be used for canon imageclass d860 fax functions.

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