They will install your Brother printer drivers instantly. Change the tab settings by clicking the following icons: The machine will clean the print head. This printer has a Class 3B laser diode which produces invisible laser radiation in the scanner unit. Make it sure that the end guide is properly inserted in the holes for paper size. Do not put more than one transparency in the manual feed tray at any one time, or it may cause a jam. Put the paper tray in the printer.

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Put the leading edge top of the paper in first and push it gently into the tray.

Fan brotger of paper well to avoid paper misfeeds. If you change the print density setting for lighter or darker printing, the amount of toner that is used will change. This manual also for: Page 13 Wiring information for UK If the mains plug that is supplied with this printer is not suitable for your plug brother hl 5070n, remove the plug from the mains lead and fit an appropriate three-pin plug.

Follow these steps to replace the drum unit. Light, faded, faint, dull, or blurry printed pages, solution for everything is available with us. Service Call Indications Nrother call indications If there is an error that brother hl 5070n be put right, the printer will show that a service call is needed by brother hl 5070n up all brother hl 5070n LEDs as shown in Figure Caution Wait to unpack a drum unit until immediately before you put it in the printer.

You can change settings by selecting the setting in the Printer Features list: Page Push the lock lever down and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit assembly. Brother has a network of dealers and resellers throughout the United States who are authorized to provide support on Brother Products both in and out of warranty.

Page 59 After you finish printing, close the back output tray. Troubleshooting Identifying your problem Brothed, check the following: For installation of Brother printer drivers brother hl 5070n at our toll free Brother printer support Number. Brother PT-H Ink. When you have finished printing your envelopes, close the back output tray to reset the two brother hl 5070n tabs back to their original position. Mode is selected, it is automatically adjusted to the most suitable time-out setting depending on the frequency of your printer use.

It is one of the important characteristics of the paper.

Brother Printers: User Manuals

Clear the front cover and leave machine for at least 15 minutes to cool down. Wiring information for UK If the mains plug that is supplied with this printer is not suitable for your plug socket, remove the plug from the mains brotheer and fit brother hl 5070n appropriate three-pin plug.

Control Panel Job Cancel, Go on the control panel. Instead, pull the edge of the jammed paper from the paper tray.

Drivers for Brother HL-5070N

Replacing Maintenance Parts Replacing maintenance parts You need to replace the maintenance brother hl 5070n regularly to maintain print quality. Brother Fax Brother Fax P. If you cannot remove the drum unit assembly easily at this time, do not use hhl force. Page 44 Envelopes that have 50070n creased after they have been printed: While pressing the paper-guide release lever, slide the paper guide to fit the paper size.

When the power switch is off or the printer is in Sleep mode, all the LEDs are off. This can make it difficult to remove paper tray from brother hl 5070n.

If the whole page is too light, Toner Save mode may be on. See Printing on plain paper in Chapter 1. Printing on plain paper Other Brother Printer Models. The printer will now automatically print all the odd-numbered pages on the other side of the paper. Black Spots at 94 mm 3. Page 85 Printer status Data remaining in brotyer Print data remains in the printer memory.

Now hold paper tray with hk hands and align it with opening in brother hl 5070n printer and insert it. brother hl 5070n

They will install your Brother printer drivers instantly. Index Moisture content Moisture content is the amount of water left in the paper after manufacture. The print server has been reset to its brother hl 5070n factory settings.

Pull out the drum unit assembly. Our Brother fax and printer list shows compatability information for all Brother fax printer toner cartridges and fax ribbons.

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