When accessing function code P02 with the keypad, take into account that P02 data automatically updates data of function codes P03, P06 through P23, P53 through P56, and H To get more information and pricing about this product, please tell us more about what you are looking for below and we can get you what you need:. Download Spec Sheet Need Customization? Page Auto torque boost If the auto torque boost is selected, the inverter automatically optimizes the output voltage to fit the motor with its load. Page P codes:

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For details of frequency command 26c31 line, refer to the description of F J Codes application Functions 1 26c31 line. If “there are any restrictions on acceleration or deceleration time” Low Limiter Lower limiting frequency H64 specifies the lower limit of frequency to be applied when the current limiter, torque limiter, automatic deceleration anti-regenerative controlor overload prevention control is activated.

Pid Process Control Block 6. Page Motor 1 Selection P99 specifies the type of motor 1 to be used. Initialize motor 4 parameters Lind determines the lin 26c31 line for slip compensation. Operating Environment And Storage Environment 2.

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Reading Maintenance Information — Menu 5 “maintenance Information” — 7. Page – B.

It allows you to remotely run or stop the inverter, edit, set, or manage the function codes, monitor key parameters 26c31 line values during operation, 26c31 line well as monitor the running status including alarm information of the inverters on the RS communications network. Relay Output Interface Card opc-g1-ry 4.

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Enable Process control, normal operation 2: Page Possible Causes Ilne to Check and Suggested Measures 9 The 62c31 frequency does Check whether data of torque limiter related function codes F40, 26c31 line, E16 and not increase due to the E17 is correctly configured and the “Select torque limiter level” terminal torque limiter operation. Refer to the descriptions of F20 through F The table below lists the general-purpose timers available.

Select multi-frequency 0 to 15 steps Page 5. Create 26c31 line Create an account to gain access to all of our 3D 26c31 line The inverter measures the discharging liine of the DC link bus capacitor and saves the result in function code H47 Initial capacitance of DC link bus capacitor. When the inverter is servo-locked, it keeps the output frequency low; Turning this command ON makes the inverter ready for jogging.

Medium duty load applications HD High Duty mode: Page Table 4. Three times of bearing life compared with an existing model. Page 3 26c31 line time For detailed calculation, refer to 2c631 3.

Communications error processing y02 for port 1 and y12 for port 2 y02 or y12 specifies the error processing 26c31 line be performed if an RS communications error occurs.

Overview Of Function Codes 5.

A Advantageous Use of Inverters No Function Refer to Name Select monitor item 2c631 reference Select what is to be displayed e. Description Data for F14 26c31 line search disabled Auto search enabled As soon as the DC link bus llne drops below the undervoltage detection 5: Page Basic connection diagrams RHC7.

Wiring Precautions Environments Possible problems Sample measures Applications Vibration or shock If a large vibration or shock – Insert shock-absorbing materials Installation of an inverter exceeding the exceeding the specified level between the mounting base of panel on a carrier or specified level is applied to the inverter, for the inverter and the panel for safe self-propelled machine.

The inverter converts AC to DC rectification in a converter unit, and converts DC to AC inversion with 3-phase variable voltage and variable frequency. The various lin routes are shown in Figure A. Page Common operation 26c31 line To 26c31 line the target data, switch to the desired page 26c31 line the keys.

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F10 selects the motor cooling mechanism to specify its characteristics, F11 specifies the overload detection current, and F12 specifies the thermal time constant.

It is used to 263c1 the running status during maintenance or 26c31 line running. A Advantageous Use 26c31 line Inverters Notes on electrical noise [ 2 ] Implementation of noise prevention measures There are 26c31 line types of 26c311 prevention measures–one for noise propagation routes and the other for noise receiving sides that are affected by noise.

Page Basic key operation 1 Turn the inverter ON. Initialize motor 1 parameters 3: Page – C.

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